Thursday, 22 May 2014

Reggae Soldier's Audio Playlist

Reggae Soldier's Video Playlist

Bob Marley Day 2012

Reggae Soldier with Jeckaki Band performed; “Redemption Song” , “Three Little Birds”, “No Woman No Cry” and “Kitomwesonyiwa”.

Bayimba International Festival of The Arts 2011

What could be more fitting to top up a day of entertainment than a Live Performance by one of Uganda's promising Reggae artists? Reggae Soldier was invited to perform at the Bayimba International Festival of The Arts 2011 on 16th September as part of show casing his banging vibes, “Obwavu”, “Tewerumya”, “Brotherhood”, “Son of Africa” and “Lucky Dube Hero”. The show was held at The National Theartre in Kampala, UGANDA.

The National Theartre has been a destination spot for Music, Film and Arts lovers in Kampala for over 40 years. The audience was filed with music lovers and journalists. Everybody at the venue loved his performance with lots of fans taking pictures and video clips.

Leading off with Lucky Dube's song "The Hand That Giveth", Reggae Soldier did not disappoint his fans. Next, he hit his fans with "Obwavu" (written by Reggae Soldier and produced at DMS Studios), "Tewerumya", "Brotherhood", "Son of Africa" and "Lucky Dube Hero".

Due to the mentorship he got from Lucky Dube, Reggae Soldier managed to perform nonstop vibes until the end of his performance. He wrapped up his performance with Lucky Dube's "Reggae Strong".

Reggae Soldier always delivers a great performance. He has certain Magnetism, Stage performance and over all Professionalism that speaks for itself.

Story, Photoraphy and Video by King Denis

Lucky Dube Tribute Concert 2011

The Concert Dubbed "Tribute to Lucky Dube 2007 - 2011" was organised by Reggae Soldier Management took place on 17th October, 2011 at Eden Service Park, Bwaise in Kampala - Uganda. It was the first tribute concert to be held in Uganda to pay respect to the man (Lucky Dube) who entertained and educated the Ugandan fan loving people between 1995 and 2003. 

The show kick started at 8.45 pm by a few curtain raisers to boost the audience. Thereafter, the audience was entertained by one of the finest comedians in Kampala.

At 10.30 pm, the guest of honor, Reggae Soldier stormed the highly designed Rasta - Reggae - Backline Stage, dressed as a Soldier of Jah Army. The Artist was backed up with " i -Three " and the " Solid Band " He started off with Lucky Dube's "Blessed is the Hand that Giveth" followed by "Don't Cry". Thereafter, he started off with his vibes like "Tewerumya", "Brotherhood", "Love Me", "Son of Africa", "Lucky Dube Hero". His fans were thrilled by his performance with many applauding him and giving him tips on stage. Later on, he switched back to Lucky Dube's "Back To My Roots” and "Reggae Strong" .

While concluding his performance, he finished with "Together As One" by Lucky Dube.
Death of Lucky Dube : 18th October, 2007

Story by Ras Mubiru
Photoraphy and Video by King Denis.